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Welcome to the Mason's Apron Homepage

The side in 'informal' kit at Laines Barn, near Wantage, Oxon.


The Side - Mason's Apron Ladies Northwest Clog Morris, formed in 1981

Where do we meet and practice - Long Hanborough Playing Fields Pavilion in West Oxfordshire at 8pm (ish) every Monday evening. New dancers always welcome.

Dances are - Mainly Traditional Northwest Morris with both sticks & garlands. See the dances & tunes pages for listings.

Musicians - Are currently two or three accordionists, drum, flute/recorder & banjo (and assorted others who when not dancing will hit a tambourine, triangle or anything that comes to hand!).

Kit - The current display kit consists of white blouse, black skirt with red trim, black waistcoat, white apron, red neck ribbon, red tights and white petticoats. (The waistcoats tend to collect badges).

Mason's Apron at Bladon, Oxfordshire









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