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Dances and tunes


2001 Diary


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Dances & Tunes

Procession at Eynsham Carnival with Keith Green of Eynsham Morris


British Grenadiers

Harper's Frolic

Grandfather's Polka


Marston (Garlands) Astley's Ride
Middleton Junction K & E (a Pat Shaw Tune)

Winster Gallop

Davy Davy Knick Knack

Basque Garland Dance

Fiona's Wedding

The Hicks O' Raisbeck ( composed by our musician Steve Griffiths)


Liberty Bell (Souza)

Hot Punch


Whitehaven Volunteer

Down the Road

Rub a Dub

Hindley Circle

Jane's Fancy

The Girl With The Blue Dress On

Lostock Junction

Speed The Plough

Pleasures Of The Town

Plymouth Reel (Stepping)

Soldier's Joy

Statten Island

Whitby Shindig (Processional) Louisberg Square (Then any 6/8 tune depending on how bored the musicians are getting)

Dances resting, under construction or may be revived.


Oyster Girl

Major Mackie's Jig

Preston Carnival

John of Paris

Lancashire (Garlands) Brighton Camp (will almost certainly change on revival)
Fleetwood (with slings)

Donkey Riding

Maggie in theWoodshed

Spanish Ladies

Great Budworth Roxburgh Castle
Windmills (Taught to us at a Black Adder Morris workshop and invented by them) Salmon Tails
Topsham Primrose Polka

Dances Definately abandoned :-

Chuchtown Processional, Wigan St John, Runcorn Children's Dance, Aughton and Colne Royal.




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